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Our Vision

Like the carbon molecule, individuals and businesses inthe high tech & online industry need the ability to adapt to their dynamic environment. Solid State Investments (SSI) provides tailor made personal and business consulting services, financial solutions and protection strategies designed to endure these changing conditions and nurture wealth creation. SSI brings a holistic range of financial and business consultancy services to the ever changing online business world.

Our Philosophy

At SSI, we recognise the value and importance of creating quality, long term partnerships.  We believe that the key to success is the concept of co-opetition  - the principle of harnessing the capacity of the stakeholders involved (including clients, community groups, local councils, advisers and alliance partners) to deliver win, win, win outcomes for all participants.  By sharing information and processes, we can implement new ideas, reduce business costs, achieve sustainable growth and increase revenue for our clients and partners. 

SSI will demonstrate its commitment to establishing strategic alliances by providing expertise, infrastructure, and in the right circumstances, capital to help grow our partners' businesses. 

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